I’m so new to this blogging stuff that I admit I thought tl;dr was a typo. When I discovered it means “too long; didn’t read” I laughed out loud. (I laugh easily…frequently when by myself.) But this revelation gives me the excuse to post a short blog.

No real news, except two cool things. On Fuse 8 blog (School Library Journal) the blogger who had been shown all the new YA novels coming out soon had a cool thing to say about MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS. I’m not sure I’m allowed to quote directly, but he said that if he were pitching any book to a movie producer, this would be the one: Girl walks into a diner with three dogs. She’s in a prom dress, she’s soaking wet, and each dog is from a different boyfriend. “Best description of this one? A Diane Lane movie for YA. Sold!”
I’ll take that.

Second thing: Yesterday, suddenly the viewings of the book trailer jumped by over 100 viewings. I wonder how that happens. Anyone know? I’ll stop now.

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