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Preparing a Book Launch!

December 2, 2009

I’m scared. After 25 years and 450 books, I’m having my first book launch party. The wonderful people at Wooster Book Company–they put on the Buckeye Book Fair each year–have offered to host a party on Feb. 13 at 2 pm, to celebrate the release of MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS. They’ll provide food and drink and everything. We want to involve local humane societies and animal rescues–I’d give them my share of the profits. I’ll bring Moxie and Munch, or a rescue could bring a couple of dogs up for adoption. It sounds like so much fun…but what if nobody comes?
I’ve already ordered some cool stuff for the party–“Doggie Bags,” gummy bones (edible), Rubber Doggies, a big stuffed Dalmatian as a door prize. Fun, right?
But what if I have a party…and nobody comes?