The Secrets of Blogging? Blogger vs. Author?

I would gladly take lessons in blogging from anybody who could give me a couple of simple tips. I admit that when I sit here at my “dashboard,” I feel like I’m driving alone and singing along with the radio…but nobody’s listening. I’d love to hear how you regular bloggers do this. Seriously, I can write all day on a book and love every minute. But bloggin?? Do you think it’s because bloggers put themselves out there in a way novelists don’t? When I write fiction, I get to hide behind my characters, or inside of my characters. Here, it’s a different story.

So, help me out, okay? I’m really trying to connect here. Standing by…Dandi

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2 Responses to “The Secrets of Blogging? Blogger vs. Author?”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sometimes ā€” actually, usually ā€” I write stories about myself on my blog, but when I write the stories, I am thinking of myself as someone else. Sometimes I even change the names of the characters!

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