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Buckeye Book Fair

October 20, 2011

Calling all Ohio friends (and readers)–Please, please come to the Buckeye Book Fair on Saturday, Nov. 6, 9-3, Wooster, OH. I’ll be autographing THE SILENCE OF MURDER, LISTEN TO THE SILENT NIGHT, DREAMS OF A DANCING HORSE, BACKYARD HORSES, and lots of other stuff. Plus, if you don’t like me, about 99 other authors will be autographing their books too. Only maybe you could still come and stand in a line in front of my table so people will think I’m really famous. Just a thought…



October 12, 2011






An unspeakable crime.

A voiceless defendant.
A gripping murder mystery and a dark yet powerfully redemptive story of love, secrets, and silence. –Knopf/Random House


October 12, 2011


This is the first day I’ve been allowed to post an excerpt from my new mystery, so I’d love to have any feedback (if anyone is really out there reading this). You could follow the Random House link to their site, or you could read the same excerpt at my website: I’ll be standing by. Thanks! Dandi