The Edgars

Well, now we all know I’m a better writer than I am a blogger. Not sure where the rest of that last blog went–sorry.

Joe and I got to travel to NYC, which we always love. On Wednesday, I attended the Mystery Writers of America annual symposium. It was amazing to meet so many writers I’ve read my whole life. I was on a panel with Sandra Brown, Meg Gardiner, S.J. Rozan–called “Agatha’s Heirs: Smart Women, Smart Fiction.” Ha! I did say that the title looks great in neon on my front lawn. But everyone there was so kind and generous, including Mary Higgins Clark and Martha Grimes.

April 26th couldn’t have been a more perfect day. I had lunch with my delightful Knopf editor, and we reassured one another that just being nominated was an honor and would look nice on future books. That night Joe and I gussied up–floor-length, off-the-shoulder black gown for me, and we made our way through champaign receptions and cocktail parties and photos. Random House was amazing–we filled our own round table with the team of editors, art director, PR director, and my terrific agent. I couldn’t get over the fact that they were there for me. Honestly, it felt like the Academy Awards as our names were read, the covers shown on a screen. And then the envelope was opened…and they read my name. Joe and I just sat there and stared at each other. I think my editor had to elbow me to go up and get my Edgar. Not sure what I said. I hope I thanked the right people. In my heart, I was thanking God. And now, this lovely statue sits on my desk as I write.  Absolutely crazy that I won.  I’ll try to post a couple of pictures…  I have to say one more thing. I’ve been awed by the joy and congratulations I’ve gotten in person and via email. I’ve honestly felt like people are happy for me. So thank you.

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