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October 31, 2013

Pasture cover small

This stunning photo is by Jennifer Whitt.

The book world is changing fast, and I’m doing all I can to adapt. With so many e-readers out there, I decided to try my hand at creating an e-book (with the help of daughter Jen). Pretty exciting stuff—and I wanted to break out with something new, something I’ve always wanted to write. PASTURELAND is my first fantasy, but to me, it isn’t exactly a fantasy, but more like allegory. I dug deep into my knowledge and love of horses to tell this story from the perspective of a horse named Warrior.

Warrior, the promising colt, wants nothing more than to be a brave battle horse and fight in The Horse Wars. He refuses to listen to his buddy Zebo’s silly tales of Pastureland, that mythical place where horses graze all day and never go hungry. But when Annalee, the spirited filly, gallops into Camp, Warrior’s simple life begins to change. Annalee believes her grandmare’s stories of Pastureland and peace. She lives to rescue her brother, Marble, from his exile in a Re-Make Camp, the dreaded place where damaged war horses and failed battle horses go…and seldom return.
Warrior is assigned a handler, Jack, the grandson of the Ruler of the Nation. Annalee’s handler, Karra, a childhood companion of Jack’s from the Underground days, believes in Pastureland and longs for its peace. Soon, Jack and Karra’s story intertwines with Warrior and Annalee’s in the search for Pastureland.

I’d love to hear from fantasy and/or horse lovers who read e-books. For instance, where do you discover books you want to read? Thanks!