Filming Stuff

I am amazed and humbled at all the great comments, posts, and emails I received after announcing that MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS is being made into a Hallmark movie. Honestly, it feels like friends–and even strangers–are sharing my joy, which makes them pretty wonderful.

I’ve learned something about the filming process, even though I won’t see it in action until next week. Am I the only one who pictured movies being shot in chronological order? I’ve been able to see the day-by-day camera, crew, and actor schedules–and they’re all out of order. I’m guessing it may have something to do with shooting at various locations? But I can’t imagine being an actress and memorizing the lines, then having to do scenes out of order. Glad I’m way behind those cameras….

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One Response to “Filming Stuff”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    LOL!!! I know, right? I would be SO confused!

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