Teryl Rothery plays Dina Daley, Bailey’s (Erika Christensen’s) mom in MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS. The book describes Bailey’s mother as petite, cute, foxy, attractive, funny, smart, and tenderhearted. All of that makes Teryl Rothery the perfect actress for this role. She was one of the first people I met on the set, and she was so gracious that she put me at ease. She told me that when she read the script, she knew she had to play Dina, and she instructed her agent to do whatever it took to make it happen. What an honor to have her in the movie!

Teryl has been acting her whole life. Currently, she stars in the Hallmark series, Cedar Cove. Or you might know her as Dr. Janet Frasier from Stargate. But on July 19, Teryl Rothery will be Dina Daley.

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  1. donnashepherd Says:

    I immediately recognized her from the Cedar’s Cove show. She is perfect!

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