I think I goofed on my previous blog–sorry about that! But at last, here’s the scoop on the boys. Watch on Hallmark Channel OCT.  18!

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It’s about time I share the boys in this story! And all I can say is: “Lucky Bailey Daley!”

Jesse Hutch-as Wade

JESSE HUTCH plays athletic Wade

Bailey can’t resist Wade, her first boyfriend. Only he has trouble resisting other girls. Jesse Hutch may be familiar to fans of “Arrow,” “Smallville,” “Dark Angel,” Taken,” “Fallen,” “The Butterfly Effect,” and more.

Next:              OLIVER RICE plays the artistic Jonathan

Rice is best known for roles in “On Hollowtree Farm,” “Robbing Peter,” and “Wedding Planner Mystery.”

Oliver Rice-Jonathan

Jeremy Guilbaut-Eric Strang JEREMY GUILBAUT plays wealthy Eric Strand

Guilbaut is known for roles in “The Snow Queen,” “The Guard,” “Two for the Money,” and more.

TYRONE LEITSO is the local pet rescue manager.

Leitso is known for “Assault on Wall Street, “Being Erica, “Suddenly,” “Edgemont,” etc.


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