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Baby Animals

August 10, 2015


Does everybody love baby animals, or what?

I love writing about animals–lots of series with horses, dogs, cats. I think I’ve even written three horse births, all delivering those adorable foals. They’re “foals” until they become fillies (females) or colts (males).

My father-in-law just got a black lab puppy, 8 weeks old, and it’s already housebroken. Our sweet Shih-Tzu “puppies” will soon turn 10 years old, and I confess that we’re still working onĀ  making them 100% housebroken. But they’re still loveable.

So, here’s a quiz. You’ll find the answers below (not upside-down, so no cheating). You’ll also find these answers, and more in my new book pictured above.

I’ll list the name of the baby animal, and you shout out the name of the grown-up animal that Baby will become.

  1. Cygnet
  2. Joey (trick question–more than one answer gives bonus points)
  3. Calf (bigger trick question; more answers, more points!)
  4. Polliwog
  5. Fawn
  6. Poult
  7. Keet
  8. Squab
  9. Squeakers
  10. Hatchling
  11. Nymph
  12. Pup
  13. Cub (tricky, tricky, tricky)
  14. Kid
  15. Fingerling
  16. Skunk
  17. Spat
  18. Cria
  19. Ephyna
  20. Eyas

Answers: (No peeking!) (Answers aren’t exhaustive, just exhausting.)

  1. Swan
  2. Kangaroo AND Wallaby AND wombat
  3. Cow, Gnu, Antelope, buffalo, camel, elephant, giraffe, hippo, moose, reindeer, rhino, whale, yak
  4. Frog
  5. Deer, pronghorn
  6. Turkey
  7. Guinea fowl
  8. Pigeon
  9. Pigeon (I know, I know…)
  10. Lizard, Alligator, turtle, birds
  11. Katydid, louse, grasshopper
  12. Bat (gottcha!), Armadillo, coyote, dog, dolphin, gerbil, Guinea pig, hamster, mole, shark, rat, squirrel, wolf
  13. Lion, leopard, tiger, White Sox fan (just kidding), bear, cheetah, hyena, leopard, walrus, raccoon, walrus
  14. Goat, grown-up
  15. Trout
  16. Kit
  17. Oyster
  18. Llama
  19. Jellyfish
  20. Hawk