Speaking of point of view . . . . OK, you may not have been discussing viewpoints, but you were using one–your point of view. You can think about other points of view, but the only head you’ll ever live in is yours.

Think about it. Take your best friend, your mom, your spouse–whoever knows you best. What percentage of your thoughts does that person know? Face it–if people knew ALL of your thoughts, you’d probably be friendless. Only you know all your thoughts. And you will never know all of their thoughts either. You only get to live inside your own head.

Except when you read! Reading a good book allows you to enter the thoughts, the viewpoint, of another human. This is where books have it all over TV and movies. How do you know what a character is thinking on the screen if you can only see and hear her? It’s like life–people show you some of themselves by what they say and by their actions. Others can talk about them. But the only way to convey thoughts in visual media is through voice-overs (having the character’s disembodied voice explain what he’s thinking). Yet in a good book, you can know the character inside-out. Every word of a novel can show what that character is thinking and feeling.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and get your viewpoint! More later….

2 Responses to “POINT OF VIEW”

  1. Heather Says:

    Yeah, I love how books let you see into someone else’s head.

    I am writing a book series called Looking Through the Lens that uses that. The main character, Emmy, is two-sided. One side of her is named Marissa Smiles, which is the confident side. The other side of her, Natalia NoLastName, is less confident. The story is journal entries “by” Marissa and Natalia, although it’s really just Emmy pretending to be them.

    Your thoughts?

  2. dandimackall Says:

    Heather, that sounds great! I love the concept–really interesting and full of possibilities. Thanks for chiming in here.

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