When I teach creative writing workshops, I love to highlight POV (point of view). One exercise that almost always works is to break into groups of two or three and start an argument. After a few minutes, each person records that argument, complete with dialog, gestures, and thoughts from his or her point of view. The difference in those accounts is usually startling, especially if the passion is for real.


Most of us know the story of Jonah and the big fish . . . from Jonah’s point of view. But what about that big fish? True, I had to imagine this part, but I wanted to look at things from a different angle. So…imagine a fish who’d long felt he’d been created to do one mighty deed. Yet now he’s old, and no deed has come. Then with a storm at sea, the Fish sees a man tossed overboard. I watched till I heard the Creator’s strange plan: “Your brave and bold deed is to swallow this man!” He obeys, but worries about the man in his belly…until Jonah prays and the Creator commands the Fish to spit the man onto the shore. He landed–kerplop!–and he tumbled a bit./Who knew my great deed would be SWALLOW AND SPIT?

2 Responses to “WHAT ABOUT THE FISH?”

  1. Heather Says:

    I like points of view, too!

    By the way, congratulations on your new book, One Small Donkey! From the preview, it looks like a treasure!

    • dandimackall Says:

      Thanks for the comment on ONE SMALL DONKEY. It’s my Christmas book this year, so I may be a bit early, but I’m hoping to declare “Merry Christmas” this coming week. So stay tuned…

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