Jen-Kate(Bet you can’t tell what’s happening here.)

Some of you probably know who Art Linkletter was–author of Kids Say the Darndest Things. He allowed me to write the sequel, Kids Are Still Saying the Darndest Things, followed by a bunch of “kid quote” books.It was a great gig while it lasted. Art L. wrote the introduction, I asked kids questions, and I put the best answers into books. Since then, the quotes have appeared all over the Internet. I’ve even received quotes in my emails from friends who had no idea where those answers came from. So, if you’ve heard these, it’s not my fault:

Me to an entire kindergarten class: “What’s God look like?” Every hand went up, but I chose one kid, who answered, “He’s really, really, really old–like 23–but He never looks a day older every time you see him.”

Me to a very active 2nd-grade boy: “Do your parents always love you?” Answer: “I think so. But you’d have to ask them to be sure. And don’t bring up anything that has to do with my little sister, a jump rope, and our cat.”

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