Believe it or not, this wedding-cake topper dates back to August 4, 1944, the anniversary of Helen and Frank Daley, my parents. Actually, the wedding dress should be an Army uniform too. They met in boot camp, married a few weeks later and were sent to different countries overseas as Army doctor and Army nurse. All they had to keep their marriage together were letters. They wrote each other 2-3 times a day. For over a decade, I’ve worked at writing a novel based on stories I’ve heard my whole life and pairing some of the over 600 letters they left me. In March, my “dream book” will be released: With Love, Wherever You Are: A Novel. I probably shouldn’t be blogging about this so far in advance of release, but I’m too excited not to.


  1. Kathy Parsons Florido Says:

    This is one book I will definitely buy. I have fond memories of Dr. Dailey. When I was ten years old I was hung on an old rusty wire clothesline. I had a huge wire burn on my neck. Your father was so gentle when he was examining my neck. He made me feel a lot less afraid with his gentle hands and soft voice. I would love to read about your parent’s love for one another.

  2. Brenda Guggenbiller Says:

    I can’t wait. Historical fiction is my favorite, especially when it has it’s orgins in nonfiction. Brenda

  3. kayreusser Says:

    You’re so blessed with an honorable military heritage! To have so many letters between them is such a treasure trove! I really love this cake topper and the book cover! Congrats!

  4. Meleia Burnett Says:

    I am so excited to read this book! Thank you for sharing! I love hearing stories of individuals who set such a shining example of what true, God-fearing love should be…especially for us younger (or not so much younger) couples! šŸ™‚ Blessings on you!

    • dandimackall Says:

      Meleia, thank you for that lovely comment! It’s taken me a decade to write this one. Sometimes it seemed impossible to imagine my parents as young people, real people, in love. It took years for me to “let go of my parents” and see the young Helen and Frank. It also took years to read their over 600 letters. But it’s been a wonderful journey. Now I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  5. nancy martin Says:

    neither can I ….wait for the book to be in my hands!! nancy

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