I’ll start here, with Lt. Helen Eberhart (nurse) and Lt. Frank R. Daley, MD (Dr.). They look so young here, with no idea what lay ahead of them. They wanted to serve their country by taking care of its soldiers on or near battlefields overseas, wherever the Army would send them. They’d only known each other a couple of weeks when this photo was taken.

As a writer, this was my biggest challenge–to go back in time, before my birth even, and see–not Mom and Dad–but these two people: Helen and Frank.various-copy-4



2 Responses to “WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE – Timing”

  1. Nancy Martin Says:

    Helen….always soo pretty…and Frank…always making me wonder what he was thinking in that amazingly witty mind of his. What a great looking couple…and what a great aunt and uncle

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