IT’S MARCH! In 6 days…

WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE officially releases and should be in book stores on March 7. After so many years dreaming about this book, it’s still hard to believe it’s real. God is just so good. I thought these pictures may help you envision some of the moments in the novel. Helen in Rennes, Frank in Marseilles, then on a battle field in Germany. Frank is on the castle in Heidelberg, Germany. Helen is on her way to meet Frank.

If you’ve been reading these blogs, thanks so much for your interest. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who’s reading WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE!


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2 Responses to “IT’S MARCH! In 6 days…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh Dandi, the book is SSSSOOOO GOOD!! I just read the first chapter right now. As usual, it made me laugh, and read in suspense! I’m already loving the (real life) characters! Your books always do that. It is so cool that it starts out in Evanston! (I live 45 minutes from there) can’t wait to read more!! I know I won’t be able to put the book down, as usual.

  2. dandimackall Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! I love thinking of you reading this one. Be sure to let me know when you finish it, okay? (And if you love it, could you please write a review on, etc.?) Happy reading!

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