These are only a few of the WW2 letters I inherited from my parents, Army doctor and Army nurse, newlyweds shipped to different countries for the duration of the war. They wrote each other 2-3 times a day and prayed for mail call and the (too often unreliable) delivery of their most precious, vital, real connection–their letters. It was all they had to help their marriage survive. They wrote on whatever was at hand–V-mail (infuriatingly short), bummed stationery, and even abandoned German paper, though only when necessary. One letter was written on a small, brown paper sack. They had worked out a clever code to foil the censors and to arrange rare rendezvous. (Took me a while, but I cracked their code.)

I fear we’re losing our letters to texts and emails. I admit that I rarely write letters, though I’m delighted whenever I receive one. Think of all the great historical and literary collections that wouldn’t exist if their writers had I phones. I can’t even imagine writing WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE without my trunkful of letters. Tomorrow is the official release date for the book!

I’ll be answering questions on Goodreads all week. Please join me there, okay?  Here’s the link: Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/38952.Dandi_Daley_Mackall



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3 Responses to “WHAT’S IN A LETTER?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Now you made me want to write a letter to you! I still write letters too (and I’m only 18, so I basically grew up with computers) the problem is, I don’t really have anyone to write to. I had a pen pal, but she just decided to stop writing to me. When I was about 10, my Grandpa created a secret code machine. We still use it every once in a while.
    I hate reading books online(I did once[because inter library loan was taking forever, and the previous book was a severe clif hanger] and I hated it) I love a real book, with pages! Lol
    If you get a letter from Chicago within the next few weeks or so, know it is from me!
    And by the way, I just read the secret code creation this morning. I was laughing really hard!! Getting your teeth pulled at the vet. Lolololol!

  2. dandimackall Says:

    Jennifer, I love that you’re an “old soul,” who loves books in paper and writing letters. You would make a delightful character in a novel, and I may have to steal you one day. I’d love to receive that letter.

    • Jennifer Says:

      Why, thank you! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE!! to be one of your characters! I will be starting to write your letter within the next couple of days(it might be very long- I have been reading your books for about 10 years!)

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