WHAT? Big sis, Maureen, and little Dandi look even funnier than usual. I’ve been trying to figure out what had us so surprised. Then I saw it. *Do you?* And if you don’t, then take a wild and funny guess, which is what I would have done if I hadn’t spotted what I’ve spotted. And that is one way stories happen. I love that. When I teach a writing workshop, sometimes it’s fun to pass out pictures (not of me–I’m not that crazy) and let writers come up with a short story that explains the picture. Sound like fun?




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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Do you have baby ducks or chicks in your hands? I once rescued a baby duck out of a parking lot. It’s’ Mom was nowhere to be found, so we took it home and let it live in an old frog habitat. Every evening, it would peep until I picked it up and held it while we were watching something. It would fall right asleep in my hands. It was so cute. Unfortunately, it died (probably out of lonesomeness for its mom and family) a week after we found it.
    I like the idea of making a story out of a photograph (although using your own photos would probably make that workshop very funny, lol) I once tried to make a story out of a song I loved. It was very fun, but also kinda hard!

  2. dandimackall Says:

    Great comment, Jennifer! Wow–I assumed those were baby chicks. But now you’ve made me wonder. We won 2 baby ducks at a county fair and raised them Carney, my duck, reached adult duck-hood, but died. My sister’s duck, Donald, lived for several years thinking he was a dog. He hung out with our dog and sort of barked.

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