Schnapps (2)

This is my mom, Lt. and Nurse Helen Eberhart Daley, holding Schnapps on the steps of my grandparents’ home in Cissna Park, Illinois. Maybe because Grandma Eberhart was such a good storyteller, Mom was too. Even Grandpa Eberhart, never too talkative to the grandkids, told me stories of buying horses at auction and training and trading them.

When Mom was 3 years old and the Depression descended on America, she was sent to live with her aunts, away from her parents and siblings. She loved it! As the only child in residence from age 3-6, she received first-class spoiling. When she had to return home for the start of school, poor Helen saw her trunkful of lovely toys and dresses divided by her 10 siblings, who told her she wasn’t really one of them, but had been left on their step by the gypsies. Maybe that was good training to prepare her for serving in WW2, where she was called upon to speak German and care for German POW’s, causing some of her fellow nurses to whisper that she wasn’t one of them either.


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  1. Kay Says:

    Okay. I”ll try again. Still can’t understand why mjy last comment was erased. I don’t think I said anything bad.
    Oh, well, Dandi I never knew your Mom was sent to live somewhere else…Anna and Alma? I knew Lucille was. Whatever. The story about the gypsies sounds like one my father concocted. He tried to convince us that he was almost caught by gypsies, but he was such as fast runner. (Are there even gypsies in Illinois especially around Cissna?)
    As far as being ” one of them” I’m sure that Helen didn’t mind so much, because her life was so much more superior. She was savvy enough to know that. I know that because Helen was Helen.

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