Misty (2)

After the loss of my first horse, I was afraid I’d never find as good a friend as Sugar. I was so wrong. This amazing black gelding came into my life: MISTY.

My Misty was the sweetest, most wonderful horse a kid could have. We were never sure of his breed, but I always considered him a Morgan. Misty had a Morgan’s calm, trustworthy nature and good sense. We bonded instantly. I could ride him bareback the first day, barely signaling turns and gaits, as if he could read my mind. In the mornings, I’d open my window, and Misty would stick in his beautiful head to say hello. I could hardly wait until school was over so I could see my friend again.

4-H Horsemanship came to town, and Misty was the perfect horse to teach me the tricks of the trade. He was a natural, getting the right lead before I even knew what that meant (leading with the inside leg at a canter). He rode as well with an English saddle as he did with western gear, so I was able to learn both.

In the first book of the new series, Horse Gentler in Training, from Winnie the Horse Gentler: The Early Years,  young Winnie teaches a horse o say yes and no.  I really did teach my horse to say yes and no, much as Winnie teaches Royal Princess in this book. Misty proved over and over that a horse can definitely be a kid’s best friend.


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5 Responses to “MISTY”

  1. Mary E. Says:

    Winnie also taught her horse to yes and no in book 4.;)

  2. Kitty Time with Chloe Says:

    I didn’t realize that there were more Winnie series!! I love your books, I’ve got the whole ‘Winnie the Horse Gentler’ set, ‘Backyard Horses’ set, and I’m working on ‘Starlight Animal Rescue’!

    • dandimackall Says:

      Thanks so much for writing this! My first horse series was HORSEFEATHERS! They’re out of print now and hard to find. It’s so much fun with this prequel series trying to imagine what Winnie was like when her mom was alive and she was just learning how to gentle horses.

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