During the month of May, my novel, the story of my parents in WW2, sells for $1.99 in e-book. It only took me a lifetime to write this book, pieced together from stories I grew up on, research, and over 600 letters my parents wrote to each other as they served overseas–in different countries. They met in training camp, married a couple of weeks later, were together for a few days, then were shipped to different parts of the war. But they wrote each other, sometimes 3 times a day, for the duration of the war, describing in detail what it was like to care for wounded Allies, German prisoners, and survivors of the camps.

Somehow, the sacrifice of so many in that war speaks to us today, as we fight the “invisible war.” I hope you’re staying safe. God bless! Dandi

http://www.dandibooks.comWith Love Wherever You Are - $1.99 May eBook Deal


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2 Responses to “WITH LOVE”

  1. Coby McGee Says:

    I love this book. I’m in the process of reading again for the 3rd time. I was fortunate enough to know your mother when I was in high school. I’ve got a couple of cards from her that she sent when my wife and I were getting married. I now keep those tucked into the back of the book. Such fond memories of a wonderful lady. Reading this makes me wish I’d spent more hours sitting at the kitchen table listening to her stories and views on life.

    • dandimackall Says:

      Coby, thank you so much for taking time to write me. I’m so glad you liked the book enough to be on the third read! And I loved that kitchen table too. Lots of laughter and wisdom shared at that very spot. God bless and keep safe! Dandi

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