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June 25, 2018

I have a special request–would you please pray for our Katy? On Wednesday, June 27th, Katy is having surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to remove her gallbladder. Usually, this is a pretty simple operation, but nothing is ever simple for Katy. She was born with hereditary nephritis and Alport’s Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that’s taken most of her hearing, some of her sight, and left her with other special needs and learning disabilities. She’s also a bleeder, which makes this surgery riskier. In the near future, she’ll need a kidney transplant as both kidneys are in failure. Katy LOVES animal, as you can see here: First, Katy as the cutest kid on earth, while her sister climbs the wall; Katy with one of her dogs, Moxie and Munch; Katy with a bunny at our Amish neighbors and friends; Kay catching a bird; and Aunt Katy with Madison, one of her nieces.

Thanks, my friends, for praying for our Katy.