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Emily Holmes as Amber

April 15, 2014


Emily Holmes--Friend "Amber"

Emily Holmes–Friend “Amber”

This is Emily Holmes, the wonderful actress who plays Amber (Bailey’s best buddy) in MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS. Can’t you just tell that she’d make a great best friend? In fact, the director, Terry Ingram, commented that something pretty amazing happened about the second day of filming–Emily and Erika (Bailey) actually became good friends. Terry said that in all his years directing, he’d only observed the phenomenon a couple of times. Schedules are so full, and everyone is so focused on getting things right, that there’s rarely time for friendships to develop. If you watch this movie (premiers on the Hallmark Channel July 19th, Saturday night at 9), see if you detect what we did–genuine friendship.

Emily won us over in a scene that takes place in a yoga studio, where she and Bailey attempt to keep up with the pros. Poor “Amber” had to collapse from exhaustion, not once, but over and over again, take after take. Her physical comedy had us laughing out loud.