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March 7, 2017


It’s here! And as if that weren’t enough for me, it’s getting two starred reviews–Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist. I’ve waited so long for this. I thought about dozens of pictures I could post, along with witty, but poignant things to say. But here I am, speechless and grateful, hoping that you like my story.

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Wedding & Country Club Scenes

April 5, 2014


I confess that I knew nothing about how movies are filmed. I still know very little, but it was fun observing the process. My first day on the set of MY BOYFRIENDS’ DOGS, one of the producers (and they were all so generous and kind) handed me a headset. Through it, I could listen to actors saying their lines and to the director overseeing the action. If you look hard, you can see small TV screens, where we watched each take after take. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll find a better close-up of the action on the screens.