Battle Creek (2)

If you’re reading WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE, you are already familiar with Battle Creek, MI. And if you were paying attention, you know quite a bit about things that happened in this hospital. Anyone know these answers??

I’m planning to post a bunch of pictures, postcards, memorabilia from WW2 over the next few weeks. Many of the items or locations are mentioned in the book. Other things are letters, etc. that didn’t make it into the book. I hope some of you will “play” along with me–not just answering the questions, but asking some of your own, or commenting, or telling me some of the vast information I don’t know!


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  1. j4hibdon Says:

    My sistet wad born in this hospital!!! Dad was starioned in Alaska and Mom came home to Holt, Michigan when she was six months pregnant. I remember going to Battle Creek with my family and we would drive by the Federal Building so we could see our oldest sister’s birthplace!

    • dandimackall Says:

      That is so cool! I love that you know the hospital. Small world at times! And most people just know about Kellogg cereal in Battle Creek, MI. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. emullin1 Says:

    What an impressive structure.

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